Wind Power

Experts in high resolution forecasting in complex terrain

Wind Farm Forecasts and Optimization

Belgingur offers a range of medium to high resolution wind forecasts that can be transformed into energy production estimates. These estimates can be optimized by using operational data. The wind forecasts can also be adapted for direct use as input to existing wind power prediction software.

As model resolution is increased, processes governed by the interaction of the large scale flow and the terrain become better resolved by the model. This is of particular importance for wind farms located in complex topography or in the vicinity of water bodies and/or varying vegetation.

For even greater optimization and increased accuracy, the Belgingur forecasting system allows for the improvement of local wind forecasts by the use of remote sensing profiles, and/or in situ weather measurements from masts or UAVs.

Wind Resource Assessment

Belgingur offer Wind Resource Assessments to assist with site selection and configuration. The analysis involves creating a detailed wind atlas based on high resolution dynamical downscaling of weather for extended historic periods, calibrated to historic in situ measurements or data collected as part of the assessment.

A key strength of Belgingur’s Wind Resource Assessment is our ability to model wind characteristics in complex terrain, including topography, water bodies and varying vegetation.


Belgingur’s team of skilled experts is able to provide a full range of supporting services in the field of high resolution weather and wind forecasting.

These services include training, knowledge transfer and software customization. Belgingur has also undertaken hydropower resource modeling and assessment in partnership with specialist hydropower engineering consultants, Vatnaskil

Belgingur runs operational power and wind forecasts for numerous locations in Brazil in collaboration with Tempo Ok Ltd..