Search & Rescue

High Resolution Weather Forecasts Worldwide On Demand

SARWeather offers search and rescue operators online on demand high resolution weather forecasts anywhere in the world, enabling them to respond quickly to emergency situations where time and accurate information can make all the difference. Since its launch in 2010, SARWeather has been used in rescue operations around the globe, including Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.


  • High resolution forecasts of wind, precipitation, cloud cover at different heights, temperature and wind chill.
  • Detailed weather map illustrating changing weather conditions over forecast period with customizable appearance (time period, zoom, choice of displayed weather variables) and, if available, user location.
  • Intuitive user interface allows on the fly production of new forecasts.
  • Forecast model is particularly suited to forecasting weather in complex terrain.
  • Compatible with mobile devices for use in the field.
  • Forecast On Demand pricing avoids cost of unnecessary forecasts, improving cost effectiveness.


  • Rapid delivery of SARWeather can be initiated 24/7 with forecasts are available within minutes.
  • High resolution forecast of weather conditions can be taken into account when planning rescue operation.
  • Improve utilization of teams and resources by scheduling activities to fit weather conditions.
  • Accessible to team members in the field via mobile devices.
  • Particularly well suited to complex terrains, including mountainous and built up areas.

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